Ascon Calf Body warmer.

Ascon Calf Body warmer

Young calves cannot do without fresh air. During the winter, a shortage of fresh air can lead to significant problems. The Ascon Calf body warmer offers a solution to this problem.

Heavier calves due to the body warmer

Our calf body warmer ensures body heat retention in the calf. Research done in England suggests that the preventive use of our calf body warmer produces calves that are heavier than average.

These calves can be up to 2 kilos heavier compared to calves who do not wear our calf body warmer.



Suitable alternative to heat lamps

Calves are not very resistant to cold temperatures and dampness. It costs them a lot of energy and trouble to keep their bodies warm. Calves can also develop colds and flus and even get pneumonia and diarrhoea. These problems interfere with the calves’ growth process. Air that is too cold or damp partly contributes to these problems. Commonly used heat lamps worsen rather than improve the problem. They actually cause calves to lose body hydration and that is disastrous.

Our calf body warmer prevents dehydration in calves.

Why choose calf body warmers?
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