JOZ Robots.

JOZ Robots

JOZ is one of, if not the best brand for slurry robots. We cannot compare many others to the JOZ-Tech robot, given its capacity, reliability, operation, route options, setting options, and backup. 

Reliable and fool proof

The JOZ-Tech robot is an animal friendly, noiseless robot that is very manoeuvrable and can revolve around its own axis. This ensures that all of your manure alleys are made spotlessly clean.

A JOZ-Tech robot uses patented sensor technology that makes it extremely reliable, even in between the cows and in extreme circumstances.

Furthermore, while using a JOZ-Tech robot, your floors stay completely free of obstacles such as ‘guide beams’, slurry scrapers, corner blocks or chains.

JOZ mestrobot (4)


The fact that JOZ takes even more steps forward in this area can be seen in its JT200Evo. This robot actually communicates with the JOZ server itself. This allows the detection of the need for a pending part or component replacement for example, even if you had not been aware of this yourself yet. This robot can also spray water onto slippery floors in drying weather conditions wherever you want.

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