Manure mixers.

Manure mixers

Any type of manure storage system requires a specific manure mixer or specific manure mixing system. Wateler offers electric submersible slurry mixers made by Flygt in stainless RVS steel, and mixers made by Bielefeld/Danfoss.

Supports and frames made to measure

Wateler constructs customised RVS steel supports and frames for these units for installation in manure storage areas. Powered manual aerators, hydraulically powered mixers and nozzle sets for mixing (floating) manure in manure silos, manure containers or basins. For cellars, Wateler offers tractor or electric powered manual blenders (Reck, Bushmann), that can supplied in pulling and pushing versions. For mixing manure in single cellars, such as discharge pits for sheds with sealed floors, Wateler can supply pump mixers.

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