The Wateler Flexobassin is a smart and affordable manure storage option.

Strong and multipurpose

The Flexobassin (silo) is a mostly synthetic silo with a strong internal steel frame. Thick steel tension cables absorb its forces.

In contrast to other silos, a Flexobassin can be installed onto almost any surface.

This silo is actually suitable for surfaces that have less weight bearing capacity. The Flexobassin is also easy to move. So you can always choose to transfer the silo to a different location. This silo does not require an expensive foundation plan. The Flexobassin is suitable for both temporary and long-term use. The Flexobassin is available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 metre heights.


Wateler guarantees prompt deliveries and fast installations. All of our manure storage systems can be delivered with the necessary plumbing supplies and mixing system of your choice and can be fitted with various types of mixing and filling equipment. Various covers are available. During the entire project, we will provide you with support: from the time of your quote and order, throughout the licensing process and during the installation period.

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