Flexxobag manure bag

The Flexxobag manure bag is a good choice for all forms of liquids.

Durable and low maintenance

The Flexxobag is made from extremely strongly reinforced PVC so it is extremely durable and low-maintenance. The Flexxobag is easy to install, transfer and dismantle, making this manure bag suitable for both temporary and long-term use.

The Flexxobag can be placed onto almost any ground surface and therefore does not require an expensive foundations plan.

This manure bag is acid and manure resistant and is easy to fill up and empty. We can supply various volume Flexxobags.


Wateler guarantees faster delivery and installation times. All of our manure storage systems can be supplied with necessary plumbing and mixing systems of your choice. During the entire project, we will provide you with support: from the time of your quote and order, throughout the licensing process and during the installation period.

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