Our story.

Improving and innovating shed design, that’s what we have been doing since the inception of Wateler in 1988.’’

Wateler ATB BV started in 1988 as the Wateler Company. At the time, the business was located in an old farmhouse in Firdgum, in Friesland. After a period of business activity, assembling and working for a boss, we kept on expanding into a larger company. Together with our two permanent employees, who mostly did the assembly work, Wateler ATB moved to a different location 10 years later. This move certainly supported growth of the company: it led to Wateler ATB again needing to move a few years later. In the meantime, we have grown into an innovative company with our own products, with animal welfare and business operation advantages as key features.

We develop innovative products that extend the longevity of cows and therefore the farmer. Besides our own Ascon brand, we combine with different brands and maintain an unwavering commitment to quality. With our own vision we arrive at new insights. Our Ascon products are now being sold nationally and internationally.

The well-being of cows, both in their sheds as well as outside in the fields, is what drives us.

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