Shed design.

Shed design

If you need to redesign your shed or barn, Wateler is happy to discuss with you about how to work as efficiently as possible and manage your cows in a comfortable and durable barn. From the first idea to the final work activity, your farming business will be our priority. This ensures the best solutions for your farm and having a minimum of inconvenience while work is being carried out.



We think that it is important that your barn will last for many years to come. This is why Wateler ensures high-quality shed installations and works together with leading manufacturers such as Spinder and Beerepoot. For the box coverings and walkways, we often use Kraiburg wood and rubber for the best results.

Ascon shed inventory

Wateler has also developed its own range of various products for dairy shed designs. We take an innovative approach to this in which the wellbeing of cows takes priority. We supply these products under the brand name of Ascon.

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