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Ascon shed product range inventory

We often see that things can be done better. Based on the need for innovation and smarter solutions, Wateler started to develop its own products under the brand of Wateler Ascon. In all of our new applications, the well-being of the cow and efficient business operations come first.

Ascon Open resting cubicle

One example of one of our innovations is our Ascon Vrijligbox® or Ascon Open Resting Cubicle. With creative vision and the use of the right materials, Wateler has developed a completely new product.

In the new open resting cubicles, the cows can lie down completely freely, they cannot hurt themselves and the cubicles stay cleaner.


Wateler also produces metal pipes. For all forms of clamps and mounting hardware, you can come to us for a large range of products and open warehouse. We also take care of installation of course. This is how we contribute to optimum functioning, comfort and efficiency in your barn.

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