Ascon Open Resting Cubicle.

Ascon open resting cubicle

The Ascon open resting cubicle was developed by Wateler and is designed with an eye for maximum comfort for the cow. It is important for cows to lead a long and sustainable life in their barns. The Ascon open resting cubicle makes it possible for this to happen.

Comfortable and clean

In an open resting cubicle, the cows can rest completely freely and so they rest for longer periods than in a standard cubicle. This gives cows more rest and opportunity to chew their cud properly. This benefits milk production. Because the cow can lie nice and straight, the open resting cubicle also stays cleaner. In addition, the cow has plenty of room when lying down and when standing up again, so it cannot knock or injure herself.


Spacious and safe

Ascon open resting cubicles are available in widths of 1.10 to 1.20 metres and are made with sloping upright synthetic poles that separate the cubicles.

The open cubicle has elevated crossbeams that provide cows with plenty of room when lying down and getting up again.

The cubicle dividers on the floor are also made of synthetic material. Finally, a cable with 32 mm protective cover is strung at the front of the cubicles. This is to prevent the cow from walking forward through and out of the cubicle. However, it sometimes happens that a sick or lame cow still moves too far forward. This is no reason for concern, because the cable is flexible and can be detached easily with a quick release mechanism.

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