AsconCurtain Sidewall ventilation.

AsconCurtain Sidewall ventilation

Effective shed ventilation is essential to the health of your dairy livestock. Wateler can provide various forms of sidewall ventilation systems.

Ventilation systems for every situation

Shed curtains/screens are a simple and effective solution for controlling air supply and circulation for various stable types. Side wall ventilation is an important component of any shed. To provide an appropriate solution for your situation, AsconCurtain offers various types of sidewall ventilation systems.

Simple to control

Through openings in the side and/or major front and back walls, fresh air can enter the shed and refresh the air inside.

Thanks to various control systems, including an automated system option, this airflow can be controlled and regulated easily.

All versions of AsconCurtain side wall ventilation are made to measure by Wateler and adapted to your needs. We install and maintain everything for livestock shed ventilation, in both old and new buildings.

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