Roof ridge ventilation.

Roof ridge ventilation

Shed ventilation starts with effective removal of polluted air. A good air current through the ventilation ridge of the shed is therefore essential. In addition to being used for ventilation, roof ridges are also often used to let in light. Wateler offers both ventilation- and light ridging. 

Ventilation ridges

Examples of ventilation that Wateler can supply are the Open Ridge, especially for sheds that have good wind exposure, and the Cross-ventilation ridge. Both ventilation ridges can be supplied with a wide light section. Keep in mind that the light section is not installed to the direct sunlight aspect of the building.Roof ridge ventilation

Light ridges

Apart from ventilation ridges, Wateler can also supply light ridges made of light-dispersing materials.

These materials do let the light through, but spread it over a larger area so that radiation heat is significantly limited.

This is important but it prevents the floor from heating up too much, fodder from drying out and overheating of the cows.

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